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  • Mission

    The mission of St. Mary's Catholic School is to further God's kingdom through faith, academics, and service.
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    FACTS has a great customer service department you can call to help you with any requests or issues.  The FACTS customer service number is (866)441-4637You may find this number, as well as additional help, on your FACTS account website by logging into FACTS through ParentsWeb/RenWeb.

  • St. Mary's Strengthens Instruction;  Returns to Classical Methodology

    Brand new playground equipment, refinished floors, and fresh paint are exciting improvements for St. Mary’s school this summer, but the biggest restorations going on at the school these days are much deeper and more enriching to our community’s students.

    With over 121 years of strong educational tradition on which to build, St. Mary’s teachers and staff have recently begun an inspiring renewal of their instructional methodologies.  As the oldest private school in the county, St. Mary’s was founded by the Dominican sisters in 1896 and began educating with methods of the classical Catholic tradition -- deep analytical thinking, well-rounded in the fine arts, music, and physical education, well-read in the great books of the western civilization, and the development of moral character and service to others.